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To give you the possibility to take care of your irises even better I am providing some helpful documents in this gallery.
All documents can be used for non-commercial purpose. (Originator: Christian Oehlenberg)

Breeding forms

Breeding form
You can print this form and take it with you to try crossing irises in your own garden.
See for yourself how exciting it is to create your own, always new varieties. - Breeding Bearded Irises.p
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Pollination list
Continuation of the "Breeding form" ↑
For everyone who wants to do more crossings - Bestäubungsliste Iris 20x
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Leaflet for the care of your bearded irises
With this leaflet you have all categories and needs of your bearded irises on hand. - Leaflet Bearded Irises.pd
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Checklist Seed-Cutting
The Seed-Cutting offers a lot of advantages.
With the help of this checklist you can test a relatively unknown but very exciting type of seed propagation step by step.
Check SAM VV Englisch.pdf
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