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Every year I conduct 50 to 70 pollinations in my garden. Between 60 and 70 percent of these pollinations result in a fertilisation and thus in a large number of seeds. After sowing it needs between 2 and 5 years until I get a first representative bloom.
In this gallery you can see some of the seedlings, that seem promissing and are worth it to be shown. I would be delighted to hear your opinion about the seedlings.

Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises

SDB 1-3-2l8 C (Prinzengarde x Cool As)

SDB 1-5-1l9 A (Alsterquelle x Cool As)

SDB 1-3-1l10 B (Magic Dot x Orange Daiquiri)

SDB 1-5-1l10 A (Alsterquelle x Magic Dot)

Intermediate Bearded Irises

IB 1-3-2l8 B (Prinzengarde x Cool As)

Tall Bearded Irises

TB 3-1-1|10 A (Crowned Heads x Celebration Song)

TB 5-2-1l9 A (Badlands x Sudden Impact)

Species crosses (Interspecies)

Inter x-2-1l10 (Iris reichenbachii x Iris suaveolens)

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